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Rox is an independently produced TV series, first shown on the Bloomington, Indiana Public-access television cable TV in 1992. The show quickly garnered a cult following in Bloomington, home to Indiana University and its tens of thousands of students. Numerous news articles were written about the show and its producers, in particular when they found themselves pushing the bounds of free speech. In a few cases, Bloomington's Public-access TV administrators felt bound to disallow some of the show's more controversial material, citing the long-standing precedent that broadcast media should be subject to more rigorous standards of public decency than print media. This controversy served to cement the show's celebrity among its already-loyal fan base. Rox's producers signed a contract with Free Speech TV, allowing 19 episodes to be broadcast on FSTV's satellite channel starting in the summer of 2005. The show recently returned for a fourth season after an eight-year hiatus, and is now distributed almost exclusively by the internet. Each of the fourth season episodes is available for download on the Rox Website, and material from older episodes is also made available as space allows. The first episode, appropriately titled Episode Number One, appeared on television on July 7, 1992. The ninety-first and ninety-second episodes, Property is Theft, have recently been released on DVD.

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