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Reverb, the critically acclaimed weekly HBO music television series spotlighting emerging talent, ran for four seasons. Reverb captured the energy and spontaneity of live music by taking viewers on stage, backstage, and into the audience at some of the premier venues in the United States. Joining artists on tour, without special staging or second takes, Reverb created an unfiltered, authentic and intimate experience where the viewer became part of the live show dynamic between artist and fan. During its run, the show became the highest-rated, regularly scheduled music program on television. A joint effort of HBO and Warner Music Group, Reverb featured a wide variety of artists from major and independent record labels. Vanity Fair magazine called the show “a brilliant showcase of underground favorites.” The series creators were Jim Noonan, Chris Spencer and Will Tanous. Noonan served as Executive Producer and Tanous served as Executive Producer and Producer. Directors for the series included Milton Lage and Linda Mendoza. Respected music producer and engineer, Mr. Colson of Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin served as the series' primary music mixer. Reverb was also critical in the launch of the career of comedian Fred Armisen, who was featured as a special correspondent. Comedian and musician Dave Hill served as a writer on the show. He also composed and performed the show's theme song.

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