Awaken Episode Rating Graph poster

Awaken Episode Rating Graph

Nov 2020 - Jan 2021


Awaken Episode Rating Graph poster

Browse episode ratings trends for Awaken. Simply click on the interactive rating graph to explore the best and worst of Awaken's 16 episodes.

Best Episodes of Awaken

Worst Episodes of Awaken

Awaken Episode Guide

The best rated episodes of Awaken are:
  • The Mutants S1E6 rated 7.8
  • Secret Lab S1E8 rated 7.5
  • Jung Woo Following Kids S1E10 rated 7.5
  • The Safe S1E5 rated 7.5
  • The Smiles S1E2 rated 7.4
The lowest rated episodes of Awaken are:
  • New Warning S1E11 rated 6.9
  • The Secret Lab S1E13 rated 7.0
  • Reunion with Mother S1E15 rated 7.0
  • The Reunion S1E12 rated 7.1
  • The Forewarned Murders S1E1 rated 7.1

The first episode of Awaken aired on November 30, 2020.

The last episode of Awaken aired on January 19, 2021.

There are 16 episodes of Awaken.

There is one season of Awaken.


Awaken has ended.

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