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The Wedge is the title of an hour-long, weekly indie music program airing Fridays at midnight ET on Canadian music TV station MuchMusic. The program, which debuted in 1992 as a Monday to Friday half-hour series, was originally hosted by Simon Evans. In 1995, Sook-Yin Lee became the host, and remained with the program until her departure from MuchMusic in 2001. The Wedge is by and large associated with alternative music, although it often hosts music from independent rap and hip hop groups. The show was among MuchMusic's most popular during the grunge/alternative heyday of the mid-1990s. The Wedge currently airs on Friday evenings, with a replay several hours later. Because of the unique content of the show, The Wedge has a highly devoted fanbase and an active community on LiveJournal. On January 26, 2011, The Wedge will be re-launched by MuchMusic at a new 10 p.m. timeslot. The format has been expanded from just music videos to include live performances, interviews, and panel discussions. The show will now be hosted by Damian Abraham, lead singer of the Toronto-based, Polaris Music Prize-winning hardcore punk band Fucked Up.

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